The magic of 20/10s

Yeah, I’m going to gush about UfYH again.  Deal with it.

So, at first I was highly skeptical about how much a person can actually get done in just 20 minutes.  Turns out, it’s a lot!  Because I’m lazy, I do probably about one 20/10 of cleaning per day (it’s okay, because I also do one 20/10 of exercising, one of writing, and several of language and vocab practicing - I’m unfucking everything in my life, not just my habitat), and you’d be surprised how much that adds up.

Today, I decided I would tackle my nightstand.  I’m not going to include a before picture because it was just plain awful.  Towering high with books and papers and chargers and water bottles and all sorts of random shit.  It’s a miracle it never fell over on me while I was sleeping.

After literally only 7 minutes, here’s how it looked:

Not bad, right?

And that was only 7 minutes.  Next, I decided to take care of the computer chair in my bedroom (when I went away to college, my parents started using my bedroom as their computer room/office, and when I came back, they didn’t stop).  Take a look at this chair here:

Looks like an ordinary chair, right?  Weeeelll, up until today, you couldn’t sit on it.  It was piled high with laundry that was clean and I had finished and folded, but never got to the last step: putting it away.  Now it just looks comfy and inviting (I am not sitting in it currently - I do not like that computer).  

And that still only brought me to 13 minutes out of my 20.  The last 7, I just spent picked up and putting away various little things - putting chargers back in their little dish on the desk, hair ties and clips put back in their containers on my dresser, various bags and purses put back on their hooks in my closet.  It doesn’t look like a lot, but it’s amazing how much better it makes me feel when I’m in my room.  Everything just gets that little bit closer to real comfortability and organized-ness and good.

My next project is one of my invisible corners - the gigantic stacks of books directly next to my bed and desk:

You might notice that that crate there is blocking a cabinet of shelves inside my desk.  That is my ultra invisible corner because the door is always closed.  It hasn’t been cleaned out since probably… 9th grade?  I don’t think I’ve even tried to look inside it since 10th?  Eep.

Oh look, my UfYH app just reminded me to go write for 20 minutes on And when I asked it for a little motivation?  It tells me “TOMORROW YOU’RE GOING TO BE ASHAMED OF HOW LAZY YOU WERE TODAY”.  So I’m going to go write now.

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